Preparing to Sell

Thursday Apr 26th, 2018


Selling your home doesn′t just mean hiring a REALTOR® to stick a sign out front. There are a lot of preparations you should make to ensure you get the best offer possible in the shortest time. Repair. Just because you’ve gotten used to the cracks in the walls and the rattles in the radiators doesn’t mean a buyer will too. If you have hardwood floors that need refinishing, be sure to get it done—hardwood is a huge selling point. Buyers like to snoop around, so be... [read more]

REIN Report: Top 10 Towns and Cities in Ontario

Thursday Apr 19th, 2018


Prince (or Princess) Charming is NOT your retirement plan, but real estate can be! The REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) released a report recently on the top 10 cities in Ontario for investment properties. The report assists home buyers & sellers decide whether now is the right time to buy/sell in their city; it also helps investors & developers decide which city they should target for their next project. REIN has provided independent research and analysis on markets across... [read more]

15 Expenses You Should Plan For as a First-Time Home Buyer

Thursday Apr 12th, 2018


So, you’re ready to buy your first home? Congrats! Up until now you’ve either lived at home or you’ve rented somewhere. If you’ve been renting, you have likely just handed over 12 post-dated cheques each year to your landlord; or, for those with super modern landlords maybe you’ve e-transferred the money. The point is, your costs have been minimal compared to home ownership. Don’t be scared! This list is here to prepare you for the costs of home... [read more]


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